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Fox & Blowfish and the rainbow race

And the Rainbow Race

Author: Chariva


My Creative Tale is an initiative of Adobe and UM Studios to encourage creativity between parents and their kids.

The ‘fantasy’ of a child is a valuable source of inspiration for creativity. That’s why, in this interactive children’s story, the child is the leading storyteller and the adult becomes the producer, using his creative skills and Adobe software to craft the story. Create a My Creative Tale together and add illustrations to this children’s story.

Now everybody can read the story while enjoying various interpretations from Creatives at each chapter. Get to work with your child, nephew or little neighbour or choose one of the existing children’s drawings and give it your own interpretation.

At the end of this campaign, a winner will be announced for every chapter
(child and adult).

The adult wins a year free access to Adobe Creative Cloud. The kids receive an artist’s suitcase full of pencils and brushes. Choose here if you want to read the story or add an illustration.

Choose if you want to
read or create your own story by
adding illustrations.

How do I participate?


Read the story together. Invite your child to make a drawing based on the assignment. Use markers on a white sheet of A4/A3 paper. The sheet should be standing /portrait.
You can also download one of the pre-made children’s drawings at each chapter.

Good to know: Set up your drawing in simple line sketches and use our APP, Adobe Shape, to transform the sketch into a vector file.


Use the drawing of your little artist to create a standing / portrait visual (illustration/animation/digital sketch/3D-model).
For this purpose you can download a free trial of Adobe Creative Cloud.
More information about Adobe Creative Cloud: Adobe cc with text 06b553301254a2e63fbe1d20b0d63d568bdf419519d8b1231e6cb81de5ed8ed3


3 Upload the following items as one project on Behance:
  • Before - Drawing of the child
  • After - The adult's illustration
Optional: Screenshots or a Quicktime screen capture of the creative process.

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By participating in My Creative Tale, your work will be placed in the interactive story. Adobe will in no circumstances claim any rights about this work.

01 Fox & Blowfish

In a place not far from here, lies a lake. A deep lake, with a row of giant trees along its border. From oaks to weeping willows, birches and pollard willows. This lake is a home to several animals. Frogs, jelly fish, squid and… the spiked puffer, known as ‘Blowfish’. Blowfish is the most creative fish on earth. He spends all of his days making stuff.

From coral art to dazzling monuments made of seaweed. Everyday he’s crafting creatively. If possible, all by himself. He’s not quite fond of the frogs, jelly fish and squid.

‘Those animals have the creativity of a bald sea cucumber!’, is what Blowfish always shouts. Then he gets real mad and starts inflating himself until his spikes grow.

On the edge of that same lake, in the neighbouring dark forest, lives Fox. His house is a hole 15 meters deep in the ground. And it’s very dark. Exactly the way foxes like it. The smart Fox dug its hole right under a bush of roses. This way he can secretly sneak back into his home after every expedition. In addition, nobody will ever discover where exactly Fox lives.

And if you would ask him how he feels about the lack of animals visiting his home, he would growl and say: ‘I despise unannounced company’.

Today the sun shines. The water glimmers. All the animals in the lake and forest are aware of it: Summer is coming! Which means it’s almost time for… the Rainbow Race: An annual balloon race in which all the animals are searching for the mysterious treasure.

All the way to the end of the rainbow! No living animal ever succeeded in reaching the final destination. The race is mega tough!

‘10 more days until the Rainbow Race!’, crows the rooster.

And not just any rooster. This rooster is responsible for counting down until the annual balloon race. He does it every day, standing on the biggest mushroom of the forest, close to the entry of Fox’s den.

The animals around him are yelling enthusiastically, even the creatures in the water. This year’s race sure causes a lot of thrills. The entire forest is running back and forth. Could there be a citizen this year, that will make it to the very end of the rainbow? What kind of animal would be able to find the mysterious treasure?

According to the magpies there’s all kinds of shiny jewels there. The squirrels believe the chest is full of acorns. And the tigers? Well, the tigers know for a fact that there will be large amounts of free hamburgers.

Meanwhile Fox lets out an annoyed ‘Grrroaarwrl’ from his home in the ground, ‘...Why do these pathetic forest figures have to stand here in front of my den? With sleepy eyes he peers outside. But even he can’t contain his smile if he hears the shouting of the Rooster. He rubs his paws together in excitement. His pointy teeth catch a glimpse of the daylight.

This time I’m going to win for real, he thinks. Just 10 more days until the Rainbow Race!

In the lake, Blowfish hits the water surface with his tail, causing big slashes. He is out of his mind and already a bit blown up from excitement. You can’t really blame him. Who wouldn’t want to find a chest full of treasure? Yes! 10 more days until the start of the Rainbow Race.


What do you think the animals will find at the end of the rainbow? Gold? Nuts? Diamonds? Draw animals from the race dreaming about their rainbow treasure!

Download a pre-made drawing here.

02 Getting to work!

’9 more days until the Rainbow Race!’, crows the rooster in the early dawn of the next morning. Today is an important day. The teams for the race will be chosen. All the animals of the forest are standing nervously along the bank of the lake. The frogs, jellyfish and squid are floating nearby. Their heads just above the surface. Choosing teams remains something exciting. Who will choose who? And nobody want’s to be the last one left! Because… well… wouldn’t that make you a loser?

...’I choose Bat and… Flamingo,’ shouts Homester, as loud as he can shout, and he points to a tree with a branch; on which Bat hangs lazily upside down. Flamingo is standing under the same tree and is super proud to be chosen so quickly.

‘Flamingo, Homester and Bat of team ‘Winged Warriors’, crows the husky rooster. ‘Welcome!’ The other animals bond quickly. Forming 7 teams in total.

‘Well that’s it!’, crows the rooster. ‘Everyone has chosen their partners!’. Homester hops and flies quickly towards the oak tree, joining Bat and Flamingo. ‘But… Wait a second…’, whispers the suddenly frightened Homester.

Before finishing his sentence, he shoots up in the air and disappears into the forest. Leaving behind a very confused looking Bat. ‘Homester you frighten easy’, he says while shaking his head disapprovingly. ‘Tssss’ hisses the Flamingo long and loud. But indeed, what is… that!

There, under the oak, between the roses. Two shiny eyes. Fox eyes! Foxes eat homesters for breakfast and lunch! That explains the sudden escape of Homester! Suddenly, Fox steps out of the shadow cast by the shrub of roses. He licks his lips and gently sits down in triumph, showing an innocent face towards the rooster.

‘It appears that Fox is still without a partner’, crows the rooster. ‘Is there anybody left?’

All the animals on land are busy. But in the water... all eyes seem to be pointing towards Blowfish, floating alone behind a tuft of reeds. Obviously he too is without a partner. The rooster looks back and forth between Blowfish and Fox. ‘There is one more team!’ he announces.

 ‘Team 8! Okidoki now we are complete!’ he crows satisfied and sits back on his mushroom. Satisfied as the rooster might be, Fox and Blowfish are far from happy.

‘What am I supposed to do with this smarty pants. Crazy Einstein. With the red hair and all!’, shouts Blowfish to the rooster.

At the same time, Fox snarls: I’m not going to spend my time with this inflatable Picasso, oooh look at me I’m so creative. Weird spike fish’ The rooster ignores them both and crows: ‘9 days until the Rainbow Race!’ And his echo is being heard long and far from the lake.

Only 9 more days to go. It is very important that Fox and Blowfish start as soon as possible with the design of their balloon. All the animals feel the pressure.

‘Come on Mr. Creative! Hurry up!’ shouts Fox to Blowfish. ‘Oranges first. Smarty pants!’ Blowfish shouts back. And the bickering continues... Teamwork isn’t the strong suit of this duo. Fortunately, 9 days later, their balloon is ready. Fox’s hair is standing straight up. And Blowfish almost stumbles over the bags under his eyes. But the air balloon is there!

‘...So the hyper gasses that I discovered in the Tartantuli Volcano, will make the balloon climb high into the sky in no time.

And then there’s the lava steering wheel of course, which I designed for optimized control’ says Fox, while giving a satisfied knock on the steering wheel.

Then Blowfish starts speaking enthusiastically: ‘That balloon right there, that’s what I made, all from the strongest lake weeds. And who painted it? That’s right, me. With berry juice, pollen and black sand.’ The rooster opens his beak but before he can say a word, Fox and Blowfish shout at the same time: I’m really proud of MY balloon!’ They look at each other shocked.

‘My balloon!’ they say again, simultaneous. A little irritated now.

A good listener would only make out the words ‘mine! mine! mine!’. And the rooster happens to be a very good listener. He hesitates, so much is clear: ‘Should I allow such a team to take place in the Rainbow Race?

Or not? They don’t seem like a team at all…’ you hear him thinking. Full of hope Fox and Blowfish look at the rooster. All the animals await his final decision. Excitement fills the air...

After a long silence, the rooster crows ‘You’re qualified!’ And the crowd of animals starts cheering. The rooster walks away grinning: ’let’s hope for the best’.


All the animals are ready for the race! Draw your favourite animal-team and their clever and creative team members.

Download a pre-made drawing here.

03 A fire start

‘Bang!’ sounds the gunshot. The start signal for the Rainbow Race can be heard far outside the forest. All the animals are overly excited. They are shouting, they are pulling and pushing. And gas is lit... Salamander and Salamander from team ‘Salamanders’ are the first to take off. Followed by Centipede and Beaver from team Dirt Diggers. Everything is going so fast.

Fox is clumsily trying to light a match. The damn hypergas needs to be ignited. And fast! ‘Yo redhead! Judging by your hair colour you would think you are the inventor of fire itself!’ Shouts Homester from high in the sky.

Fox looks up. He sticks out his tongue.

So does homester. Fox turns his head back towards the matchstick, which he is holding in his right paw… and then it happens. The matchstick ignites the gas and the flames reach his head. Within a second Fox is left with two bald ears.

He looks like a clown, with a scorched bald spot exactly in in the middle of his head. ‘Bleeegh’ retches Blowfish. The smell of burning hair left him all nauseous. But every flaw has it’s perks, The small explosion lit the hypergas, now burning like a torch! The balloon takes off. Even Fox, with his burned spots, can’t withhold a smile.

His bright teeth shimmer, and so does the skin of his now hairless ears. As a true athlete he jumps in the basket.

The air balloon from Fox and Blowfish draws many eyes; it looks like a hand painted lantern. Some animals are so distracted by the balloon’s beauty, that they stop their balloons in mid air to admire the creation. As if they forgot that they are in a race. Flamingo, Homester and Bat are watching with dropped jaws. None of them paying attention to their own balloon, which is getting dangerously close tot the balloon of Fox and Blowfish…

BAMM! Blowfish’s spikes accidently hit the balloon of Flamingo, Homester and Bat.

Whoops! Their balloon is now tumbling down in spirals with the sound of long, a very long, fart: ‘Pfrrrrrrrrrrrrrt!’ Bat, Homester and Flamingo are screaming their lungs out. ‘So long, amateurs!’ Fox shouts with laughter. ‘Look who’s got the last laughter now!’ says blowfish to Badger, Centepede and Beaver, who happen to float on the same altitude. The scared trio quickly falls back. Fox steers on heroically.

The balloon is climbing faster and faster. They now approach Team Big and Dangerous with Leopard, Wolf and Tiger.

Their hairy noses hanging out of the basket. ’Now it’s your turn to be hunted’, grinns Fox, while he bumps into their balloon. The basket of the dangerous trio squeeks and their balloon is sputtering. Their fury bodies rolling in all directions inside the basket. It doesn’t take long before their air balloon too starts to go down. ‘Two down, six to go!’, shouts Fox while passing his the competition. The animals are looking at him anxiously until they move out of sight. Fox and Blowfish keep climbing.

Rapidly, the air is changing colour and the earth is getting smaller and smaller. Higher and higher they go.

Until they reach the darkness of space. Far below them, six remaining teams are moving towards the right, team Salamanders taking the lead. Fox and Blowfish see it too now, in the very distance lies the rainbow. They’re moving in the wrong direction.

‘Well, thank you smarty pants. Good call on the hypergass! Pfff!’, sulks Blowfish. Fox opens his mouth, slowly pointing his paw upwards. He clearly wants to say something. ‘Say something!’, shouts Blowfish in a pushy manner.

But Fox can’t do anything else but point. With big eyes he looks just over Blowfish’s head. Blowfish turns around. His eyes too take the size of saucers and reflect a bright, white light. Brighter than the sun. ‘What... what... what is that?!’, mumbles Blowfish.


Fox's head is on fire! Yikes! That hurts. Draw Blowfish putting out the fire on Fox’s smoking head!

Download a pre-made drawing here.

04 Screaming in space

Before their eyes a star appears. The white, shiny thing, normally the size of a crumble, is getting frighteningly big. And bigger. Even bigger. They are moving straight towards the sharp point of the star!
The star’s razor sharp point causes the entire balloon to explode, causing bits of lake weed to float in space everywhere around them.

Bye bye balloon. Bye bye victory. Or not? For a small moment the basket keeps floating but then… Fox, Blowfish and the basket start falling down like a meteor. The earth approaches faster and faster.

‘MOMYYYY!’ screams Fox. Blowfish can only scream ’NOOOOO!’.
He holds his belly with his tiny fins.

‘We have to do something now!’ fox shouts, at the top of his lungs. Blowfish opens his mouth to speak. Their enormous speed causes his mouth to catch wind, preventing him from saying a word. Instead, the wind inflates Blowfish’s body to an extend he never experienced before. To the size of a… balloon! And it seems to work.

The basket is slowly decreasing speed. Fox stares at Blowfish in disbelief. Giant Blowfish stares back. With his eyes he gestures Fox to do something with the ropes that once held their balloon.

Clever Fox doesn’t need another hint and reaches for the ropes. ‘I get it, you creative genius you! You are the balloon!’ he says relieved. Grateful for having such strong claws, he  climbs towards the ‘Balloon fish’. He needs all his strength to hold on to the falling basket.

He takes the ropes and ties them around Blowfish’s bloated body. But he has to hurry up. At this speed, they will hit the earth within a minute. What a bang that will be. Better get to work!

Fox ties knot after knot, until he is positive all the ropes are secured. With Blowfish in the center, their balloon looks like a living work of art.
‘Time to open that creative mouth of yours!’, shouts Fox, giving thumbs up. Blowfish takes another sip of air. 10 seconds before they hit the ground. Blowfish inflates even more, turning his body into a zeppelin shape. He truly is a giant Blowfish.

3 seconds to go.
2 second.


BANG! The balloon pops! Draw Fox & Blowfish hitting the sharp point of the star, popping their balloon as they fly through space.

Download a pre-made drawing here.

05 The Fart King

Just above the ground, the basket stops falling. Caramba…That was too close!

Fortunately Fox and Blowfish’ plan is working. The basket has stopped falling and slowly starts climbing again. Fox needs to catch his breath. The scorched bald spot on his head is glistening in sweat. Blowfish looks a little pale. He’s dangling above Fox and the basket, lips pressed tightly shut. The ropes are secured around his body. They’re climbing faster now. The land below them looks like a tiny stamp. And on the far right appears the rainbow.

But then… out of the blue, Blowfish’s stomach starts to rumble heavily.

Making sounds like distant thunder. The colour of his head changes from green to yellow and back to green. The storm in his stomach is closer now. And then…

Blowfish lets out a fart that fills the air with the loudest thunder imaginable. It fires the duo towards the rainbow with the propulsion of a rocket. ‘Pfffrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrtttt!’. ‘These farts of yours… how creative! We don’t even need hyper gas!’ fox says with a big smile.

‘From now on you shall be called; the King of Farts!’ Blowfish want to respond, but he knows he can’t. His lips have to remain tightly shut.

And so keeps staring in front of him, with a cramped look on his face. He’s dealing with a major bellyache, obviously. Again a huge thunder fart escapes from his inflated body.


Super fast, they fly towards the rainbow. As fast as the speed of light they pass Guinea pig, Chimpanzee, Cheetah and Panda of team ‘Hairy Heroes’. On the right side, they pass Dragonfly, Duck, Moonfish & Sea Urchin of team ‘Water lovers’. Then they pass Mite, Grasshopper, Wasp and Adder of team ‘Little Critters’. Finally they pass team ‘The Salamanders’.

Having taken the lead, they fly past the rooster, who has followed the race as referee. He blows his whistle and crows: ‘Your stench is not appreciated!’.

Fox and Blowfish are leading the Rainbow Race! A bald, red Fox in a basket made of coral, carried by a bloated fish with spikes. A fish with tightly shut lips to keep the air from escaping his body. The air that is now regularly escaping his body from the other side. With a wheezy sound. And that smell!

The duo is heading straight for the Rainbow. They near the finish line!

Now… just… one more… fart! Blowfish squeezes. And voilà! ‘Pfrrrrrrrrrrrrrttttttt!’.
Slowly the duo lands their ‘balloon’ on top of Mount Falafel. Exactly where the rainbow ends. How about that!

But... Where is the treasure... Where is the gold? There’s not even jewels or acorns. Also no grass or bushes. The end of the rainbow is nothing but an empty place.

Such a disappointment! And now they’re here… Exhausted. With empty hands, Fox and Blowfish look at each other.

Then there’s a smile appearing slowly on Blowfish’s face. ‘Come here, smarty…’

Fox takes a seat and puts his arm around Blowfish… ‘Come on, Smarty Pants…’ Fox sits next to Blowfish and puts his arm around him...

He totally forgot that you can’t hug a blowfish. ‘Spiky Mr. Creative!’, Fox says smiling. Blowfish puts a fin around Fox. And that’s how they sit there for a while. On top of Mount Falafel, together, as close as possible without accidentally hurting each other. As friends.
‘We have two winners!’, crows the rooster from a distance…


Pfffffrttttttt! Thats a big fart! Draw a farting Blowfish, racing to the finish line with his best buddy, Fox.

Download a pre-made drawing here.

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